Allmed Dialyzer Game

The Challenge

Seeking to engage thousands of professionals at the 55th ERA-EDTA Congress in Copenhagen, Allmed required an attractive big screen application to draw people to their stand and increase brand awareness. With an initial design in place, we were brought in to rapidly prototype, and later iterate on the game’s design. Whilst maintaining the original design’s bold simplicity, large touch screen interface and the Allmed brand, we had to rapidly push the design to up the ‘fun-factor’ and further engagement.

Our Approach

Our initial focus was to deliver a playable prototype to Allmed as quickly as possible to begin the collaborative refinement process. This early ‘discovery phase’ was invaluable, even on such an accelerated schedule, and helped to both clarify the design and give a direction for the implementation.

After this, we provided a few more rapid prototypes, integrating audiovisual elements as we went, making smaller more incremental changes until all stakeholders were satisfied with gameplay. With one last sweep over the UI and UX, the game was ready for Copenhagen and was enjoyed by hundreds of players.