Fujitsu Virtual Airshow

The Challenge

Tasked with engaging up to 5,000 visitors per day, Fujitsu needed a robust & exciting experience that could both encourage STEM subjects for students aged 9-16 and leave them with a memorable experience of the brand. We reflected Fujitsu’s focus on delivering world-class IT Services and Solutions through the use of a networked Virtual Air Show that comprised of 20 Fujitsu tablets, a server and a realtime multi-screen surround audio & visual experience.

Through a series of challenges on the tablet, students were rewarded with more choice of tricks for their routines. Following further personalisation (e.g. pilot, callsign and colours) they were then directed into the Aircraft Control Tower where they can watch as they and their friends take off and perform a routine as a squadron.

A Pilots License, whilst also a nice memento, is used to scan into the experience and importantly enables future engagement with links to online resources and a web-based experience of the STEM challenges.

Our Approach

From inception to delivery we maintained a focus on quick iteration, testing and milestone setting. Early prototypes were key to quickly discovering and resolving issues of both design & technology.

Along with discovering the usual UX improvements, test sessions with a local school group was helpful for validating that we were successfully threading the needle of a STEM challenge that was both age-appropriate and fun!

Tech Notes

  • Primarily developed using Unity, C# & PHP
  • A complex pathing system to allow for multiple aircraft to complete their customised routines independently but rejoin for key moments
  • A dynamic timeline-based camera implementation that allowed ‘loose’ authoring of which cameras to cut to during the routine. This helped ensure every player was hero’d at least once whilst ensuring for example that we always cut to a jet doing a nose-dive if there was one.
  • Dynamic narration of the routine using a voice from the ACT and e.g. pre-recordings of every call sign & manoeuvre
  • Direction & velocity based audio fx
  • A custom render setup utilising half-res buffers for particle fx and ensuring geometric consistency across all 8-screens (aka billboards won’t work)
  • WebGL & Windows builds for the Tablet App (containing 3D characters, kiosk & battery saving features)
  • and much much more…

As a small team, we’re knowledgeable, committed and passionate about building genuinely engaging content.